Section 1 - Ages 5-7

Section 2 - Ages 7-12

Section 3 - Ages 13-18 - High School/College AUDITION PREPARATION

Section 4 - Adults (All Levels)

Reserved for students who are serious about their studies and have a strong desire to strengthen their voices.  Many voice students are working in preparation for theater or commercial auditions, school or job interviews, speeches, classroom speaking, or simply to build strength and confidence for younger voices.  This class can also be for fun, but must be goal oriented and purpose-driven.  

Shelly Wade's MAV Technique (Memory Awareness of the Voice) is based upon the teachings of several vocal and mind-body methods, including the Bel Canto Technique, Feldenkrais Body Awareness, Alexander Technique, Yoga, Speech Level Singing, Vipassana Meditation, and more.  It was also built upon her work with some of the most renowned vocal teachers in the country, including Clarity James, Arthur Levy, William Riley, Lisa Popeil, and Cynthia Hoffman.

Concepts include building range, articulation, breath support, posture, stage presence and performance experience, body awareness, body mapping and understanding parts of the vocal instrument, and much more.

*All genres including Pop, Folk, Classical, Musical Theater.

*Students who are ready will have opportunities to perform at NYC music venues.