I chose the Shelly Wade Band for my Wedding on October 24, 2015 because in addition to Top 40 hits, I also love simple, soothing sounds of country and classic rock. I would like to say it seemed like the songs she chooses are written for her! I asked Shelly and the band to sing some of my favorite country melodies and she delivered magnificently! Being a professional makeup artist, I have been around music talent for the past 16 years; it's easy recognize such professionalism and adaptability! She created an engaging environment for all of my guests, she was prepared to do any and all requests, and kept my guests happy!  The feedback speaks for itself! They had a blast and were entertained all evening. She also prepared all the music and rehearsals for the band without me ever making a call. I knew I was in great hands when she told me in her sweet southern whisper.. everything is going to be great! It was a night to remember and I'm grateful to have chosen Shelly Wade for my once in a lifetime night to remember!


Jacqueline Shepherd

James Kelly