Shelly's voice will soon be heard on the upcoming NICKELODEON SHOW, 'LOUD HOUSE'!  

See Endo Music Website for more details!  Shelly has been an artist and writer with the diverse music production company for three years now, creating high quality compositions for Film, TV and Advertising.


Shelly was commissioned by award-winning filmmaker, Nyle Cavazos Garcia to compose two pieces for his upcoming horror film series, Dark Passenger Vol. 1.

The film will be released by Small town Pictures this fall and will be distributed by RSquared Films.  (


"Shelly's ability to craft original songs in such a short amount of time is nothing short of impressive.  She captured an ideal sound and ambiance

for the scenes in my horror anthology, Dark Passenger:  Vol. 1.  Her songwriting and powerful vocals are truly a force to be reckoned with."


Small Town Productions

Nyle Cavazos Garcia, Producer/Filmmaker


Shelly Wade partners with Endo Music writers, Phil Cimino and Emmett O'Malley for a new country ballad!

Shelly continues her work as a volunteer songwriter for Songs of Love with new release 'Sunny'. The NY-based charity organization works with songwriters to write personalized songs for children in-need. 'Sunny' was written and recorded for 13 year old, Erin Matthewson. Don't miss this heartfelt and inspiring song!