Treble at the Circus

A Musical Adventure Series for reading and writing notes on the treble clef staff

Written by: Shelly Wade

Children arrive at the circus via the NYC subway and cash in their allowance at the popcorn stand immediately after they purchase tickets. The crowd grows nervous as the elephants begin their first and most dangerous trick of the evening, assisted by a cat and dog. As a very small but mighty tornado crashes through the tent, the elephants fall and a giant bowl of spaghetti and meatballs splashes over the crowd. The cat and dog are smashed underground and the circus master calls an ambulance. The ambulance takes the cat and dog to the hospital. The crowd rushes to the restrooms to wash their faces, chanting, “The Elephants Got Busted Down Fast… F-A-C-E Spagheeeetti… Meanwhile, at the doctors office, the dog has amnesia and gets a CATscan the cat gets her whiskers sewn back on.


Subway Train Driver

Ticket Salesman

Concession Stand Cashier

Circus Master





Audience Members

Ambulance Driver




The Magic Seeds: ‘Saving the Rainforest’

A Musical Adventure Series for reading and writing notes on the bass clef staff

Written by: Shelly Wade

While trying to save the rainforest from illegal logging, a gorgeous morpho butterfly and a toucan try their best to save the rainforest! A tour guide warns some tourists about bullet ants and their incredibly painful bites. He also warns them to NEVER use DEET or sunscreen, as it would kill many animals in the streams. They soon grow very anxious and against his advice, they spray themselves when he isn’t looking! Soon enough, a very weak anaconda calls for help down the river and is having trouble breathing. The toucan and butterfly pull him out safely and the frog comes along just in time to drive them to the Rainforest Alliance before closing. Unfortunately, a jaguar runs in front of them on the way and cause them to crash into a bullet ant hill!  In spite of their incredibly painful bites, they finally make it to the Rainforest Alliance. The secretary helps them to make signs for a peaceful protest to start awareness about saving the planet and also gives them some magic seeds to stop illegal loggers and fires!

“Do not use any products not approved by the Rainforest Alliance!  “Do not waste water!”  “Go Paperless!” “Plant a Tree!” “Recycle!” “Eat for the Planet!” and “Think Before you Waste!”

In the final scene, the illegal loggers are arrested, but smoke begins to rise as forest fires are being started. 

To be continued…

Cast (Students and Parents)


Gorgeous Butterfly Body 

Gorgeous Butterfly Left Wing 

Gorgeous Butterfly Right Wing 

Mr. Toucan   


Tour Guide    

Unaware Tourist 1   

Unaware Tourist 2 

Mr. Frog - Harry   

Illegal Logger 1 

Illegal Logger 2 

Policeman 1     

Policeman 2   

Secretary of the Rainforest Alliance  



Bullet Ants